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Anti-Communist Central
Communism. A unique word, perhaps one of the only political words in existence that contradicts itself. On the outside, the word is to most an intellectual's word, soothing in its sound, and yet, it spurs the want for a better society just reading it. But some know not only the meaning, but the history, of this phrase.
A part of Karl Marx's ideology and philosophy, Communism and Socialism appealed to many poor and oppressed people around the globe. In Russia, where life was hard and uncomfortable for most non-nobles, even when a republic had replaced the Tsar, Vladimir Lenin and his cohorts overthrew it, promising people "peace, land, and bread."
In China, a republic also replaced the Emperor. Immediately a Communist war followed. Although World War 2 practically killed the Chinese struggles, the Communists only came back harder and stronger, deposing its Consul, Chang Kai-Shek.
What was to become of these countries? From just Russia and China, East Germany, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, Poland, and Romania had adopted "Communist" governments.
Communism is the ideology that all people are equal. All people own the property collectively, and no one is rich or poor. Quite unlike its intended meaning, Communism only helped dictators rise to power, beginning almost all major wars, and resulting in the total death of 100+ million people (11 million were killed by Hitler, 4 million by Lenin, 75 million by Stalin, and thousands by dictators like Milosevic, Tito, and Mao Tse-Dong).
So my friends and I have created this website, dedicated to proving the evils of Communism in the world today.

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